House Plants

My mother had many geraniums growing at home. They were in every room except mine because I wasn’t a big fan of those flowers. My mother was obsessed with them, which had the beautiful result of them blooming all the time. I prefered cyclamens, and they bloomed in my room. I even managed to grow new flowers from seeds, and they bloomed too. Perhaps I need to go back to those flowers. But the post isn’t about them – it is about geraniums. Some months ago, I got a blooming geranium that over bloomed and began to wither. Then I remembered how my mother looked after these flowers, so I moved it to a slightly bigger pot and started watering in a stand every day. And there it is – my result, my geraniums have bloomed a second time! Now I’m thinking: maybe I have to grow these flowers? I remember my mother cutting off sprouts, sticking them in water, planting them in the ground after they took roots, and they bloomed again. I’ll have to think about it.

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