Cross Stitching Stuff

One more kit from my stuff I want to present to you today is particularly dear to my heart. It is an embroidery representing one of the regions of Scotland – Fife from the series Britain in Stitches by Susan Ryder, Heritage Stitchcraft. I bought the kit because my daughter was studying at St Andrew’s University and I have been to this charming town several times. I wanted to have a framed part of this beautiful region on my wall. It came with the pattern and instructions, and I bought the plain 27-count Linda Antique White evenweave on the website recommendation. At the time, I had just started cross-stitching, and it was the first time I saw the evenweave. I was just scared of it and put it away for what turned out to be a long time. Now I like to stitch on evenweave, but I guess I needed time to get used to it. I hope this set won’t have to wait long for its turn, but to be honest, my daughter graduated from university, moved to another city, and I keep dreaming of going to St Andrew’s for a holiday one day.

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