New Review

This review is particularly dear to me because there is an interesting story connected with it. At the beginning of October, Michelle bought a Christmas Stars garland from me. After that, she ordered three more Stars buntings. I sent her the first order on the 5th of October, made the other three garlands and sent them almost a week later, on the 11th of October. Twelve days later, Michelle wrote to me that she had received three buntings and waiting for the first one. The tracking said, “Sent from Poland”. Registered mail from Poland to the USA usually arrives in two weeks, and sometimes even faster. This time, the order from the 5th of October flew to the customer for almost a month. All the colleagues I consulted on the subject said that the parcels sent on 5-6 October were wandering around and had a terrible delay in delivery. What was the reason for this is not known. I am doubting Michelle’s patience and am grateful that she wrote to me after she had received all her ordered garlands. And she still gave me such a lovely review!

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