Cross Stitch Supply

Continuing the theme of my cross stitch supplies, I would like to present you with some of my Dimensions Kits. The first one is a Victorian Charm. I fell in love with this kit when I first saw it. It still is my biggest dream to have this picture finished, framed and hung in my stitching room. The kit contains cotton thread, 18 count navy cotton Aida 12 x 12 inches, thread sorter, needle, and instruction. The size of the completed picture is 8 x 17 inches or 20 x 43 cm. I bought it two years ago and do not start yet. Why? Because I am afraid of 18 count navy fabric. I have some problems with my eyes, and I have never stitched on such a small dark fabric before. So I bring the kit out, look at it and put it back in my stash box. But I promise that one day I will start stitching it, and then you’ll have the possibility to see how gorgeous this picture is!

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