Crochet Necklace

When I saw this beautiful variegated yarn in my favourite haberdashery, I knew immediately what to do with it. This way a gift for my friend was made. I am well-satisfied with the result, as this is my first (but not the last) attempt to create jewelry.


Calico Cat Bookmark

It took me a lot of time to crochet this cat. It is said that Calico cats are magical and they are known to have sweet personalities. Having Calico Cat is like having three cats in one.  Their pattern is also called tortoiseshell-and-white, or tortie. 99% of them are female.

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Well, I started to crochet a new snowflake just because people are buying snowflakes now, after Christmas 🙂 I think this one is beautiful and I’m going to make garland using different snowflakes and perhaps beads too.