Stitchers do not very often leave reviews on the cross stitch pattern they buy from us. It’s normal. Digital items are specific. That’s why we are very excited to get a review on a chart customer leaves at the shop some days after she had bought it. Such review (5 stars in this case) means that the pattern is big enough and is very clear to follow it. That is what we strive for when creating our charts. Thank you, Helen, so much for these stars.

Crocheting Process

When a customer buys a garland, I try to crochet it as fast as I could. The processing time of an item isn’t long at CrochetCabinetCrafts – from 3 to 5 working days. When a customer buys two garlands, I get panicky. My last order was Poppies and Sunflowers garlands that require a lot of time to crochet. Today I can breathe a sigh of relief – new Poppies garland is ready, and almost all flowers for Sunflower bunting are ready. The working process is here:

House Plants

My mother had many geraniums growing at home. They were in every room except mine because I wasn’t a big fan of those flowers. My mother was obsessed with them, which had the beautiful result of them blooming all the time. I prefered cyclamens, and they bloomed in my room. I even managed to grow new flowers from seeds, and they bloomed too. Perhaps I need to go back to those flowers. But the post isn’t about them – it is about geraniums. Some months ago, I got a blooming geranium that over bloomed and began to wither. Then I remembered how my mother looked after these flowers, so I moved it to a slightly bigger pot and started watering in a stand every day. And there it is – my result, my geraniums have bloomed a second time! Now I’m thinking: maybe I have to grow these flowers? I remember my mother cutting off sprouts, sticking them in water, planting them in the ground after they took roots, and they bloomed again. I’ll have to think about it.

Quaker Ball Sal

All three elements of the first art of the Quaker Ball Sal are ready. I regretted cross-stitching on evenweave. It was a nightmare to count the squares between one and the other hexagon without mistake. I think I got it right, and here’s the result.