3 D Cottage SAL

Today I’ve started a new project 3D Cottage SAL by Durene Jones pattern, I bougt on lakesideneedlecraft site.  The house is crocheting on a plastic canvas, which I had at home, threads as always DMC. So far only one photo from the very beginning, soon I will show the first part – cottage front. Durene Jones is one of my favourite designer, so I expecting a lot of fun and joy stitching this house.  This is the first 3 D project and I hope not the last one.



Tabby Ginger Crochet Cat Bookmark

We have some different bookmarks at the shop, as crocheted, as well cross stitched.  One of the most popular is crocheted tabby ginger cat bookmark. People often ask me how I make them, so I decided to show some pictures of a process.

The thread I use crocheting this cat is cotton Ariadna Kaja 15 colour 337 made in Poland. I use Amour Clover hook No.4  1.25 mm. I have to say, that I use Amour Clover hooks for all my projects, because they are easy to use hooks, designed to prevent thread from slipping, and making picking up and pulling through of stitches easier. What is more, they are made of non-slip material and their three dimensional curves on the grip fit the fingertips naturally, what prevents you from gripping the needle unnecessarily tightly, stopping your hand from getting tired easily.


After I’ve crocheted the main details, I’m working with the head and this is the most difficult part, because I use various techniques: eyes are cut out of white felt and sew to the head with green embroidery floss DMC, a nose, mouth and whiskers are embroidered with Kaja black thread.

The problem with the head is that every cat has a different facial expression: one smiles, another is sly, and sometimes the cat is not in a mood at all and needs to be sewn up again. That’s the one that went right away and he’s cute.

Next step is to sew this smiling head to the body, embroider claws, the part of the body and sew the tail. So the ginger cat is ready and can go to his new owner.


This cat is approximately 25 cm (9.8 in) long and has a name : he’s called Jerome. He enjoys camping outside in a tent and devouring smores. His favourite book is The Game of Thrones series. As I say, all our cats are peculiar, they like various activities and books, so they all have their own personalities.


Some days ago on Coastal Crochet blog  I saw crocheted Brendan Bluebird, who was designed and made by Eleonora and found information about community project in The Netherlands. Eleonora wrote, that she was contacted by Esmerelda who is on Instagram  and she wrote such words:

“Every bird sings its own song…
Together we will make the longest line of birds!!!!!!!

Let’s craft and unite the world! We’ll make the longest line of Birds June ‘19.

I immediately decided to take part in this project, and here’s what I got.


And here you have a process:



I found free download  Cheery Goldfinch Felt Ornament pattern on Downeast Thunder Farm What’s interesting – if you don’t have the right materials, you can purchase a kit with all supplies you need to make one Goldfinch. I have a lot of felt at home, so my Goldfinch will fly to The Netherlands on Monday.


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