New Review

I didn’t know that our patterns can be imported into the Markup R-XP app. I even didn’t know about this app. All the better for all the stitchers! Thank you, Stephanie, for the lovely review. We appreciate it very much 🙂


I didn’t cross stitch from February as I had so many orders. I only crochet, crochet, and crochet my garlands. Now customers do not purchase any of them. It is not well for my earnings, but on the other hand, I have some free time and can get back to cross stitch. I choose the Waxwing cross stitch pattern from our shop because I need to stitch a gift for a lovely Lady from Edinburgh. Her hobby is birdwatching. I read yesterday that Waxwings sometimes occurred in one of the parks in Edinburgh last winter. I hope she enjoys the gift. I decided to stitch this beautiful bird on Iridescent Ewenview 32 count. And I promise to show you the progress and the final framed stitching.

New Review

Hannah bought the Wolverine cross stitch pattern as a gift for her friends. Here is her review of this item. Thank you, Hannah, for the lovely review. We hope your friends will be happy with the final stitching result too.


Wash or not to wash? Well, it seems I have another dilemma with my new flower Magnolia. Firstly, I can’t decide which statement is better. Finally, I’ve chosen the yellow one. Now I think that not washed looks more natural than washed ones. I like them more and don’t know what to do with this. I crochet Magnolia with white thread, and washing is mandatory. Perhaps I need to save the flowers for later and then look at them again.

Not washed Washed