Blue Eyes Purple Cat Bookmark

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Thanks for the kind words! ★★★★★ “I was done buying Easter and St. Patrick’s Day cards when I saw this one. It is beautifully made and arrived quickly. Thank you! Marcie” almatellus

Irish Crochet

Lately I am passionate about Irish crochet and instead of finishing a collar, I constantly crochet different elements, such as these white flowers or colourful leaves. DMC white and  variegated thread 20, Clover hook number 0,75.

Calico Cat Bookmark

It took me a lot of time to crochet this cat. It is said that Calico cats are magical and they are known to have sweet personalities. Having Calico Cat is like having three cats in one.  Their pattern is also called tortoiseshell-and-white, or tortie. 99% of them are female.

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