Daisy Bunting

Daisy flower can symbolize different things to different people. Typically, a daisy is a symbol of innocence or peace. It can also be a symbol of sisterhood, love, and purity. Daisy can be made to symbolize whatever you want it to by changing the colors and the shape of the flower. Obviously, white is the color that generally symbolizes purity or innocence. Daisies are definitely my favorite flowers in crocheting, so a new daisy bunting was created some time ago from 100% mercerized cotton. This garland can be used as a table, wall, entrance to a building decoration, with this garland, as a children’s room or wedding party decor – the use of this garland depends only on your imagination.



New Weekly Planner

Yesterday I bought a new Weekly Planner designed by Laura Ashley and noticed, that my small crocheted flowers and leaves perfectly match for it. So, I’m enjoying sunny warm autumn days (20 C degrees) and trying to be more organised!

New Hobby – Embroidery

Last week I ordered this beautiful kit for embroidery from Michalina Mruczek. For a long time, I’ve been thinking that I should try a new way of embroidery. But thoughts like” I can’t do anything”, “I’m not as talented as others”, “I can’t draw, how can I draw with a needle and thread” etc. distress me all the time. But apparently, there was a moment when you had to make a decision. So when I saw on Michalina’s Instagram this kit with embroidery instruction, I ordered it and now it is in front of me – tastefully packed in an eco-friendly box and paper. The kit contains 5″ embroidery Hoop and cardboard bottom for it, Mark & Erase pen, linen fabric, 5 colours hand-dyed mouline, a needle, very detailed instruction and coloured picture of completed embroidery. I’m leaving for London next week, and after I get back, I’m gonna try my hand at it. Wish me luck!

Autumn Handmade

Today autumn has suddenly begun: the air temperature dropped from 34 to 21 degrees Celsius overnight, it’s going to rain and the sun peeps out only occasionally. And so yesterday I created a set for hair in the autumn colours. It contains a big ponytail holder, two hair ties and a universal decoration, which can be a bracelet, and a necklace and just a hair decoration in the boho style.