These lilacs have been growing in the same place for more than ten years and are still flowering. Admittedly no longer as profusely as they used to. For this reason, I want to replant them at the end of summer. I don’t have another place for them, I will plant them in the same field, but I will divide and remove the old roots. We will see how they will flower next summer.

Crochet Daffodils Bookmark

Instead of crocheting the Forget-Me-Not bookmark as promised, I unexpectedly created the Yellow Daffodil bookmark yesterday. Well, you can treat it as my fancy. Maybe it was the result of effort in my little garden. I dug out tulips and daffodils bulbs; so they have a chance to dry up before I plant them in autumn.

StitchersLand Sales Map

It has been a long time since there has been a summary of sales in my shop with patterns. Erank shows the sales result for the last 300. There is only one leader – the USA. Our charts are most popular in Texas with 15 sales, followed by California with 13, New York with 11, North Carolina and Georgia with ten patterns each, Pennsylvania with nine charts and so on. The rest is other countries of the world. Among them, Canada is the first, followed by the United Kingdom and Australia. In addition, stitchers from Canada buy mainly Cardinals, Carolina Ducks and Beaver patterns; from the UK – little bird charts, as bird watching is very popular there; Australians like Fish and Toads cross stitch patterns. But New Zealand cross-stitchers like Dachshunds charts mostly. We are delighted that pictures embroidered according to our patterns are worldwide.


When I look at this photo, the questions arise: why I haven’t got a jasmine cross stitch pattern in the shop and why I haven’t got this bush in my little city garden under my window? And then I understand that I haven’t got enough place to grow this big beautiful blooming bush here. What a pity!

Summer Birds

There is summertime, and we can have a long walk in a city park or the forest during our holiday. We often like to observe nature and listening birds singing. Stitchers also take their stitching with them to use natural lighting to capture the beauty of nature. So here you have some summer birds cross stitch patterns examples you can take with you outside the home. They are small, take no more place and can create a memory of the summer.