Toad Slavic Horoscope

We continue our Slavic Horoscope cross stitch patterns. Today I’d like to present you Toad sign for people who was born 10/04 – 10/05. There is some onteresting facts about this people.

A toad is perhaps the most amazing animal, for it can live both on water and under water, as well as on shore. The toad lives even in the forest on trees. This amazing adaptability gives a man born in the period of Toad, the opportunity to work on the simplest jobs, for example, in the field or in the forest as lumberjack, as well as occupy the highest positions in the state, lead the troops, to be famous in music, literature, art, science. Toads are less likely to be disappointed than others, because they are good everywhere, but it has another side: Toads everywhere feel so cozy that they rarely seek somewhere else. The Toad Man can, for example, work as a gardener all his life, knowing very well that he could, if he tried a little more, become a manager, or even king in this state. Toads are appreciated for their souls, which are covered with unsightly skins, but Toads themselves are reluctant to converge with people, because the soul is not a garment, it has to be seen! So there is the pattern of this unusial animal.

East Asian Inspirations Sal

The 12th part of this Sal is completed, now only boarder left 🙂 Two pictures to your attention: first one without back stitch and the second one with back stitch and Frebch knots. I know, they are not ideal, but they are.

Best Mum Framed Cross Stitched Picture

Today I’m proud to present you my new design – Best Mum with Marigold finished and framed in a hoop picture, that can be used instead of a greeting card. Such work can be wal hanging decoration or be placed on the desk in the office and it will constantly remind of children’s love. Bright and gentle at the same time it will decorate any interior. It’s hard for me to decide whether I like it more – postcards with this design or a framed picture like this. And what do you think about it?

The Marigold pattern was created by Debra Page, you can find it in Cross Stitch Favourites Spring 2015 magazine. I’d like to add, that all my flowers postcards are created by Debora’s design “Seasonal Flowers” and I’m going to stitch them all. So far I’ve done only Marigold, Daffodils, Carnation, Lilly of Valley and Rose, so 7 more have to be done and I’d like to say that I’m not tired of them yet and I don’t feel it’s time to put them off. To sum it up, I can cross stitch them day and night, so perfect their design is.

Valentine's Hearts

It’s only the beginning of January, and already all media remind that Valentine’s Day is approaching. Well, keeping up with fashion – two romantic hearts appeared in our shop. They can be used not only for decorating the table for a festive dinner with candles and champagne, but also as a gift cushion: for a ring, earrings, bracelet, etc. These hearts can be also a keychain to your purse, or a needle holder.