Hello, my dear readers. I hope you’re fine. I wasn’t here for a long time but I was creating and boosting a new site on Facebook.Β  You know, it takes a lot of time. Today we have our 100th like on Facebook and I can return here. By the way, the site isΒ Stitchesandquills

Some days ago I received a lovely magazine which I bought long enough on thisΒ site and I’d like to introduce it to you. This is Margaret Sherry Cross Stitch Collection from Classic Craft Series with 74 charts inside. “This collection, showcasing some of Margaret Sherry’s best work, was selected with her family’s continued support”, – write an editor Fiona Baker. “Margaret Sherry had an undeniable talent for illustration – with just a few carefully placed lines she breathed personality and an enduring sense of fun into her characters. It’s no wonder Margaret’s colourful illustrations made her a favourite with fans around the world.” Margaret herself in an interview, which is in the magazine, said, that in her understanding people love her design so much because of an “expression, emotion and humour” was a natural part of all her characters, which “give the ‘feel-good factor’ to the onlooker.” And that’s the truth. I love all her characters – mice, cats, bears, hares, foxes, hedgehogs, dogs and etc and now I just have them in one place. What more could you want? As for me, that’s enough! I must add, that in the magazine you find Alphabet chart set, cut-out papers for making postcards, a guide to beginners cross-stitchers and original artwork & interview with this great artist – Margaret Sherry.

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Marigold Postcard

Our last order was Marigold Postcard, which has gone today to Northern Irelan. It is a “Thank you” card from a granddaughter named Marigold to her Grandmother and Grandfather, so there is a nice inscription on it.

I’d like to share with you some more pictures about making a postcard. After I’ve stitched the flower and inscription, I washed it (in cold water with delicate detergent, using, for example, my shampoo for colored hair) and left to dry, but not to the end, because after some time I ironed stitching on the left side. Ironing straightens up crosses, they become more beautiful and equal. Then I fasten simple white paper on the back of embroidery with the help of Double Sided Tape. Next, I cut a passe-partout with my new scalpel and fasten embroidery to it (with the same Tape).Β  That’s almost all πŸ™‚

Packing Orders

This is what packing orders looks like – as a gift at any time.Β I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible: use recycled paper boxes, shredded used paper to fill the empty space in them and the tying thread from which the order is made. I always put a small gift to every order, this time they are 2 additional daisies, a larger and a smaller one. I hope a customer in Omaha will be happy with the order πŸ™‚


Thanks for the kind words! β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… “What a absolutely beautiful and unusual bookmark! It is very well made and I can tell that it will stand the test of time. My son absolutely loves it and uses it everyday. Also thank you for the gorgeous crochet flower badge that you included as a surprise freebie as well x” Olly G. https://etsy.me/2RzEX7Q