New Orders

Etsy was way to much slow down last time. This is not only my opinion, however, sellers from different countries around the world are also debating on this problem. There is no reason to panic, claim well-selling shops owners, people just missed real shopping, have to pay their taxes, summer came at least etc. So I was surprised when 3 orders jumped into my cart what means that I am very busy this weekend. One of them is almost ready and this is a dark red or burgundy colour Victorian-style crochet choker – the hardest for taking photo listing.

Pumpkins Garland

It’s the highest time to start making garland for Halloween. A Pumpkin garland has long been in my plans but only now I’ve just managed to start crocheting it. As a rule, I firstly test each new project on a plain yarn from my scraps and only after writing down the pattern I start making it on a suitable yarn. This time I choose the base for my project from one of my favourite designer – Anabelia, whose pumpkin-shaped coasters charmed me:

Of course, I had to adjust the number of different stitches to the thickness of my yarn and the hook. So the first attempt is in the picture, as well as the yarn I ordered for this project. I promise to show you the garland making process as soon as it’s possible.


Summer has begun and the flowers outside my window have changed. We have a large rose hips bush with delicate pink flowers blooming under our window, and when we open the window, we can smell the delicate scent of this bush in the room.

Unknown Items

The past weekend I decided to get my ready-to-sell items together and found a few that I had never posted in the shop. If you ask me why I don’t have the answer. As for lace doilies, I probably don’t like the colour of the thread – pale beige. Still, I am thinking of listing them on Etsy maybe this weekend.

Leftovers Recycling

Sometimes people ask what I do with my cross stitching thread leftovers. I stitch a lot, so I have them a lot. I don’t have the heart to throw them away, so I use them to decorate my Christmas tree filling the bubbles or stars as you can see in the picture. Generally, I collect them in an empty Yankee Candle jar after I’d used it. Guess, what is my favourite candle fragrance?