New Review

Thank you, Jennifer, for the lovely review! We appreciate it very much. This Daffodils garland is one of our favourites too, even though I love all my creatures 🙂 To tell the truth, I don’t crochet something if I do not like it.

Free Patterns

I would like to remember that we have four Butterflies free cross stitch patterns in StitchersLand. If you purchase any pattern from us this month, we are adding a free chart to your order. Usually, we add the first one from these photos, but if you would like to get another one, please, drop us a message, and we will send it to you.

New Review

I didn’t know that our patterns can be imported into the Markup R-XP app. I even didn’t know about this app. All the better for all the stitchers! Thank you, Stephanie, for the lovely review. We appreciate it very much 🙂


I didn’t cross stitch from February as I had so many orders. I only crochet, crochet, and crochet my garlands. Now customers do not purchase any of them. It is not well for my earnings, but on the other hand, I have some free time and can get back to cross stitch. I choose the Waxwing cross stitch pattern from our shop because I need to stitch a gift for a lovely Lady from Edinburgh. Her hobby is birdwatching. I read yesterday that Waxwings sometimes occurred in one of the parks in Edinburgh last winter. I hope she enjoys the gift. I decided to stitch this beautiful bird on Iridescent Ewenview 32 count. And I promise to show you the progress and the final framed stitching.