Shipping day! White Daffodils garland flies to Pittsburgh, PA; Flowers Bunting to Reston, VA; and Navy Blue Choker to Key Biscayne, FL. This Daisy box was my favourite and last one. It’s time to hunt for more boxes!


Monday is a shipping day in my small business. Today I’ve sent a lovely Ginger Cat Bookmark to Fowlerville, MI; Yellow Daffodils with Leaves Garland to Brielle, NJ, and Crochet Burgundy Choker to Newtonville, MA. Recently I’ve found pretty long boxes for my Chokers, so I used this one today.

I always pack Cat Bookmarks another way because there aren’t too long boxes to buy. But they often have funny cats stickers on the packing.

Daffodils garland was packed traditionally: in a white box with a Daffodils sticker on it.


I have ten opened orders in my CrochetCabinetCrafts shop for the first time since I am on Etsy. I crochet hardly to send them on time. Thus I do have not enough time to write something more except posting my orders ready to ship. Today yellow Daffodils and campanula Bellflower garlands left home to Millbury, MA, USA. I hope Kelsey love them!

Shipping and Boxes

A big part of my hobby is buying boxes. I always look around for nice little boxes, flat and high. I usually send to my customers crocheted poppies in a flat pack and Campanula Bluebell bookmark in a high one. Today I managed to find such a beautiful box, and tomorrow the bookmark will fly to France. What a pity – it was only one of this type, so the hunt for boxes will continue.

Packaging and Shipping

Our bestseller at CrochetCabinetCrafts was dispatched today morning to Laguna Niguel, CA, USA. It is a colourful bunting that consists of ten flowers and nine leaves units with string, crocheted from 100% mercerized cotton yarn. I have not many orders now, that is why I could take photos of all the packing process using my new stickers, of course 🙂


My new stickers from Savage Creation Station are here! I didn’t find the proper stickers close to me, so I ordered them from the UK, from my favourite seller. I was surprised by how fast the delivery was. I psych myself for long delivery, but it took only about a week without additional customs fees. So I breathed a sigh of relief – Brexit didn’t damage the possibility to buy from the UK.


Summer is coming to an end, and it’s time to check the outcome of my efforts. That is what my sales chart looks like in one of my stores. Thank you so much, my dear customers, from across the ocean and sea. I rarely sell to Europe, except the UK, but I’m so pleased when someone from The Netherland and France is happy with my garlands and left me a lovely review. Thank you all for supporting my little business!