Bebunny Postcard

The first stitching for a postcard is ready. I know that a lot of stitchers hate doing backstitch. I don’t understand why. All you need for correct backstitching is to tense the material you are stitching on tight and to count crosses you’ve done. Compare, please, two bunnies: the first one is before backstitching and the second one is after doing it. Backstitching always brings your work up to life!

What I don’t like doing in cross-stitch are French knots. They never come out beautifully. Maybe it’s my problem because I’m a perfectionist.


It’s been a long time since I cross stitch something small from The World of Cross Stitching Free Kits. I love those cute and funny little postcards with the children’s motif. This time I have a request to embroider two personalized Christening handkerchief and two cards for two lovely girls. Of course, I’ll show you all process. So far, the first card is cute Bebunny, in a lovely patchwork card. I change 14-count white Aida to 28-count white evenweave.

The difference in the colours of the cards depends on the time the photos were taken: the first photo was taken yesterday evening, the second one today around noon and its colours are closest to the original.