My Garden

On the first spring day (yesterday), my crocuses gave me a lot of joy. They are all in bloom: purple, violet, white, and yellow. I am slightly afraid of my tulips and daffodils because they are growing fast. Unfortunately, the feather forecast for April is tough with the minus temperatures at night. I hope forecasters are mistaken. Anyway, we’ll see.


Today the crocuses have bloomed in my home garden. These are the first flowers to bloom this year. I planted them under the spruce trees, which take up most of my garden, and I wasn’t sure whether they would like such an acidified depth. It turned out to be ok. My tulips are also growing beautifully, and at last, the daffodils that I was worried about because they hadn’t shown themselves for a long time are coming out of the ground. Now I have to decide how to create a lawn in this garden.