Calico Cat

One of the most popular items in our old shop was Calico Cat. A new shop opened last year, and the cat was purchased for the first time. So I decided to share some photos from the process. The biggest problem when making this cat is the ends of the threads that need to be hidden. And without them, unfortunately, there is no such effect. I started crocheting it yesterday, and I hope I finish it today.

Shipping and Boxes

A big part of my hobby is buying boxes. I always look around for nice little boxes, flat and high. I usually send to my customers crocheted poppies in a flat pack and Campanula Bluebell bookmark in a high one. Today I managed to find such a beautiful box, and tomorrow the bookmark will fly to France. What a pity – it was only one of this type, so the hunt for boxes will continue.

Cat Bookmark

Once my bookmarks were very popular, but after the change of the shop, they seem to have disappeared from the order list. For this reason, I was happy when I got such a local order for this tabby black and white cat. Today the owner received it, and I can show it to you. The cat was crochet with Kaja 15 yarn from Ariadna, using Clover hook No 1,25. It is 100% cotton thread. The eyes were cut from white felt, then sewn with green DMC thread. Each cat, made with this method, is different. The expression of its face depends on the eyes. Sometimes they are serious cats, even though they smile; the other time, they look mean, as cats can be. Anyway, I am sure that each of them pleases its owner.

Christmas Gifts

November is high time to start making Christmas presents. This year I am planning to cross-stitch some cards and a bookmark. The bookmark will be for a lovely person who reads a lot and adores her Dachshund. It currently is ready. I only need to stitch the name of the Dachshund on the back of the bookmark. And be sure, I’ll show it off to you here!