Calico Cat

One of the most popular items in our old shop was Calico Cat. A new shop opened last year, and the cat was purchased for the first time. So I decided to share some photos from the process. The biggest problem when making this cat is the ends of the threads that need to be hidden. And without them, unfortunately, there is no such effect. I started crocheting it yesterday, and I hope I finish it today.

Lavender Bookmarks

There are some different crochet bookmarks in CrochetCabinetCrafts. The last one I created is Lavender. Gentle and tiny, it reminds me that I need to visit France, where I wasn’t at all. We planned to go to Provence just before the pandemia began. However, it is still in our plans. One of these Lavender bookmarks goes to USA, Bloomington, MN and the second one goes to Paris as a gift for my second-time customer. I hope they’ll like their bookmarks šŸ™‚

And here are some other types of bookmarks in the shop.

Calico Cat

Our last order goes to France today. It includes two Irish Rose crochet bookmarks in Lilac and Dust Rose colours and Calico Cat bookmark. I like crocheting Calico cats because every cat comes out different and I can’t repeat the previous one. I’ve heard that Calico’s owners think that these CatsĀ have a sassy but loving, sweet, endearing personalities. It is said that they are warm-hearted, affectionate, and intelligent. When ordering this bookmark from me, customers usually write that no other cat can match this breed and that they will never forget their Š”alico. I hope this cat’s owner will be satisfied with her order.

Calico Cat Bookmark

It took me a lot of time to crochet this cat. It is said that Calico cats are magical and they are known to have sweet personalities. Having Calico Cat is like having three cats in one.Ā  Their pattern is also called tortoiseshell-and-white, or tortie. 99% of them are female.

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