Snowflakes or Stars

The snowflakes didn’t want to be photographed. I tried this way and that way. Not on a gold background, not on a blue one, not on a red one, and not on a card that said Merry Christmas. I tried everything and finally took the pictures on a classic wooden background. These look weird too. I don’t know why my hand is red, but I can see the snowflakes well, so I left these photos. I’ll make them into a vertical garland and promise to show you the result as always.

New Pattern

Great Tit on the Christmas Bubble counted cross pattern is the last bird we’ve created this year. We planed twelve Christmas Bubbles charts. Unfortunately, we did not make it in time. Thus, one more Christmas Bubble bird appears next year.

New Patterns

Two new cross stitch patterns are in StitchersLand now. Both charts are Birds Christmas Bubbles and are red. As a rule, European customers prefer The Bullfinch chart, Americans and Canadians choose the Cardinal. Which one is your favourite? I can’t decide which one to stitch first. My heart says Bullfinch; my business requires Cardinal. Maybe I’ll start them both at the same time 🙂