Christmas Sales

I am curious to know whether June is already the time to put up Christmas decorations in the shop. For example, last year, I put out my crochet Christmas tree garlands late, and people didn’t buy them because it was clear that the order wouldn’t arrive by Christmas in the US. However, the highest sales of garlands made of stars were in August. I know that selles do Christmas in July sales in the summer. Maybe it’s worth trying it in June too?

Christmas Tree Buntings

Usually, when I get an idea for a new garland, many orders appear in the shop, and I can’t finish the work I started. That was the case this time too. I started making Christmas tree garlands and received a big custom order for a multi-coloured Christmas Stars garland. But by the end of the week, I plan to finish this order and send three Stars buntings to my customer. By the way, the history behind new garlands is also intriguing. I have several items at home that I purchased with the idea that they will come in handy one day. That’s how I bought these colourful buttons, which had been lying idle for years. Suddenly I had the idea to crochet a Christmas tree garland and decorate each Christmas tree with these buttons. Which buttons do you like better: the larger or smaller with polka dot ones? I promise to have these two buntings in the shop by this weekend.