New Lace Collar

A new big lace collar with adjustable crochet ribbon is available at our shop. It was crocheted of white 100% mercerized cotton. This Peter Pan Victorian style lace collar is with approximately 50 cm (19,6 inches) neckline, the width of the collar is 10 cm (4 inches). Some pictures of it.


New Lace Detachable Collar Necklace

The collar is not completely new, there is already similar cream in the shop. This time I got an order from New York for a white collar and I decided to improve the design a bit. I have to say that the effect have beyond all my wildest dreams,  “banch of grapes” (that’s what I called the part of a pattern)  is more prominent and looks beautiful. You can see for yourself. I’m not often fully satisfied with my works (perfection is my enemy), but this time I am.

New Photos of an “Old” Collar

For quite a long time nobody paid attention to this collar and only my friends have been wearing it for years and are very satisfied with it. After all, he was bought and flew to South Korea, which surprised me a lot, because definitely closer to this country is Japan, and the Japanese handicraft is so beautiful, that I just dare to look at them and not even dream to try to do something similar. In any case, the collar flew and I’m looking forward to feed back.

Crochet Baby Lace Collar

One more crochet baby lace Victorian style collar.

The main photo of the collar was taken on a postcard, which I gave from Stratford on Avon, the town, where Shakespeare was born and lived. The note on the photo is :

“The Shakespearian mouse

One evening in August, guests were alarmed when they saw a small brown mouse in Shakespeare’s scullery.

He was nibbling at a honey-comb and studied his visitors with great interests before disappearing under the floor-boards.

Could this character be descended from the mice that Shakespeare would have known?

It is intriguing to think that this tiny fellow lives happily in one of the most historic houses in the world.”

Crochet collar

One more crochet collar in navy blue. I used Anchor thread to make it.

Новый воротничок недавно появился в нашем магазине. Он темнее, чем получился на фотографии. Этот узор – один из моих любимейших.