Some time ago I bought cotton thread for my crocheted collars. The thread was excellent, thin, mercerized in off white colour with a beautiful shade of champagne. More about this collar. Collars crocheted from this thread were popular at our shop. I thought I’d just be happy, but after a while I run out of thread, so I began to look for it on the Internet. Luckily, I found it quite quickly and immediately ordered. Unfortunately, it turned out to be similar, but not the same. Whoever knits or crochets, can understand me easily – the first part of coloured thread ended and the next one was a little different shade. What is more, the new thread was a little bit thicker. In general, it was not suitable for collars and it took me a lot of time to figure out, what to do with it. And then I saw a beautiful motif pattern, which I decided to use for a tablecloth. Thus, this is the first picture of it.


Thread: Mercerized May Mini Crochet 100% Egipt Cotton, 280 m in 50 g shade 2 Lot 312396 and my favourite Clover hook No 2 1.5 mm


New Lace Collar

A new big lace collar with adjustable crochet ribbon is available at our shop. It was crocheted of white 100% mercerized cotton. This Peter Pan Victorian style lace collar is with approximately 50 cm (19,6 inches) neckline, the width of the collar is 10 cm (4 inches). Some pictures of it.


Crochet Hair Accessories


Hair ties | Lace Scrunchies Band Elastic Ponytail Holders / Crochet Knit

Резинки для волос, обвязанные крючком. Это настоящее украшение для маленьких принцесс, да и не только. Нитка хлопковая, тонкая, чтобы резинки были нежными, не грубыми. Они эластичны, хорошо растягиваются и отлично держат волосы. Важно еще и то, что в самих резинках нет металла, они не разрушают структуру волос. Цветовая гамма не ограничена, ниток этого типа много, мои любимые – раноцветные, особенно в нежных пастельных оттенках. Техник вязания резинок и узоров много, я придумала такие, в следующий раз, возможно, они получатся совершенно другими, я не люблю повторяться.