Unknown Items

The past weekend I decided to get my ready-to-sell items together and found a few that I had never posted in the shop. If you ask me why I don’t have the answer. As for lace doilies, I probably don’t like the colour of the thread – pale beige. Still, I am thinking of listing them on Etsy maybe this weekend.

White Daffodils Garland

I finally finished it – a garland of white daffodils. It will be listed in the CrochetCabinetCrafts this evening and for now, you can admire it here. The bunting consists of 9 3D white flowers with a yellow centre each and can be a reminder of the beautiful spring that is now giving way to summer. There will be new garlands in my shop in the summer. I won’t say what it will be, but I can hint to you that I have an idea for one garland in green and another in orange. Have you guessed yet?

Hanging on the wall.

Koniaków Lace

Visiting the Polish mountains for the first time, I came to the village of Koniaków in Beskid Śląski mountain range in Silesian, southern Poland. The village is primarily known for its tradition of intricate lace-making, which is more than 150 years old. Koniaków laces are handmade by crocheting cotton thread, using motifs inspired by nature. Lace motifs are worked separately, then connected to form larger pieces. The lace additions began appearing in pillows, shirts, blouses, and tablecloths around 1900 and is still exists today. I visited the Museum of Koniaków Lace then and bought this increadible serviette, because I’m an addicted crocheter interested in various lace crocheting techniques. I think, this serviette will be the best decoration in my house this Christmas.