Unexpected Review

I least expected such an opinion and five stars from this client herself. The matter is that all parcels sent by Polish Post between 15-20 September got lost somewhere along the way. That is what my colleagues wrote about on the forum. My Campanula garland to the city of Pasco, WA, on September 19 was posted at the post office and sent from Poland on September 20. And then she “dies”. The garland was tracked in the customs office ISC NEW YORK (USPS) only on October 16, and it reached the customer in four days. Where it wandered for almost a month is unknown. To get such feedback after that is like winning the lottery. Thank you, Anna, for your patience and the lovely review. We appreciate it very much.

Campanula Bellflower Garland

It’s been a long time since I had an order for a garland of bells. I started making it yesterday and hope to finish today. I took a picture of the process on the background of the Furry tales embroidery by Lucie Heaton pattern. There is one of the pictures that always decorate my workspace.