New Review

Can I say that I am proud of myself? There is the first review on the first crochet collar purchased in LaceCrochetFinds 🙂 This feeling that you made someone happy is priceless! Thank you, Lia, for the lovely review! We appreciate it very much.

Crochet Collar

A new collar is ready, but I do not list it in the shop yet because I can’t take photos with the proper colour. Ys, it is the same problematic burgundy colour, which caused three stars review in the shop. It seems that it takes me a lot of time to find the proper place and light to take the right photos.

Collar in Progress

One of my favourite collars in LaceCrochetFinds is the Daisy collar necklace. It is rather complicated in crocheting because it consists of small attached details. Firstly you need to do a yellow centre, then crochet white petals to it, and only after that, you can attach petals to another flower. Of course, there is a possibility to crochet flowers separately and then sew them together, but I prefer to add them during crocheting. So, all you need is to count, count, and count!

New Collar

This collar design is one of my favourites. However, it is complicated because the finished collar consists of small attached elements. The collar in the photo is before washing, pinning and ironing, so it looks crumpled. I promise to show it to you after I fully complete it. The colour of the collar is the best in the first picture – it is dark red, and it will tie with a string made in Irish crochet technique.

High Neck Collar

This collar is the only high neck collar in our shop. And it is the most popular one. Today I sent it to San Diego, CA, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a customer gets it before Christmas. I am working on a new high neck collar now, but it is a long creative process. For now, I have a new choker; whether I will create a collar based on it – we will see.

New Crochet Collar

I can’t wait to show you what a lovely collar I’ve made. I knitted it using a scheme by the very talented craftsman Lena, which I bought at her Etsy shop The diagram is great, clearly written, with a detailed explanation of each stitch and with photos of what you should get after each row. For my collar, I used Madame Tricote thread and a 1.25 no hook. So my collar is not openwork, but it is very dense and solid. I plan to knit another one but with thinner thread and a thicker hook. We’ll see what I get. I don’t put the collar in the shop today or this weekend because I haven’t yet thought out the clasp. And of course photos, I don’t know which way to take pictures of it, but I hurry to share my latest work with you.


Lace collars I pack in ecological boxes and decorate them differently. The collar is attached to the white cardboard with a thread. Then, I put the collar in a box lined with paper, which I only use for collars – it has beautiful peony flowers on it, and then the box itself is decorated, always with lace elements. That’s all. This High Neck Collar was sent today to Neu-Isenburg in Germany. Thank you, Sarah, for your order!