New Item – Daisy Flowers

I always have trouble taking pictures of new items for the shop. It’s not enough light, it’s a lot of light, it’s distorted colour, or I don’t like the composition – it’s the process that takes me the longest. I take photos with my phone, though. I guess it’s time to buy a really good camera. Let’s leave this question for the future, but for now, the new items at CrochetCabineCrafts are white daisies with a pink centre.

The Most Popular Item

Today I decided to take stock of the sales in our CrochetCabinetCrafts shop on Etsy. It turns out that the most popular product is Daisies garland. It was sent to Basildon and London in the United Kingdom, Hedgesville, West Virginia and Enfield, New Hampshire in the USA. I always check the address where I send my products to avoid possible mistakes because customers are human too and can make mistakes. Also, I like to know where my product will decorate the house and where the people who liked my product so much that they decided to buy it live. I can also add that I enjoy reading about these cities, so working for Etsy you could say expands my horizons not only filling up my wallet 🙂 Thus, this is today’s hero:

Daisy Bunting

Daisy flower can symbolize different things to different people. Typically, a daisy is a symbol of innocence or peace. It can also be a symbol of sisterhood, love, and purity. Daisy can be made to symbolize whatever you want it to by changing the colors and the shape of the flower. Obviously, white is the color that generally symbolizes purity or innocence. Daisies are definitely my favorite flowers in crocheting, so a new daisy bunting was created some time ago from 100% mercerized cotton. This garland can be used as a table, wall, entrance to a building decoration, with this garland, as a children’s room or wedding party decor – the use of this garland depends only on your imagination.


Packing Orders

This is what packing orders looks like – as a gift at any time. I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible: use recycled paper boxes, shredded used paper to fill the empty space in them and the tying thread from which the order is made. I always put a small gift to every order, this time they are 2 additional daisies, a larger and a smaller one. I hope a customer in Omaha will be happy with the order 🙂