Lavender Bookmarks

There are some different crochet bookmarks in CrochetCabinetCrafts. The last one I created is Lavender. Gentle and tiny, it reminds me that I need to visit France, where I wasn’t at all. We planned to go to Provence just before the pandemia began. However, it is still in our plans. One of these Lavender bookmarks goes to USA, Bloomington, MN and the second one goes to Paris as a gift for my second-time customer. I hope they’ll like their bookmarks 🙂

And here are some other types of bookmarks in the shop.


Some years ago, I was visiting St Andrews in Scotland. It is one of the loveliest towns for me till now. We were walking with my daughter at the seashore, talking and enjoying each other. We were tasting scones and taking multum photos when we noticed a small shop with different things, mostly vintage. And that’s where we found this wonderful calendar, “The Floral Birthday Book”: Flowers and their Emblems, with Appropriate selections from the poets with 368 illustrations engraved and printed in colours by Edmund Evans. I am getting ready to write a separate post about this book and show you examples of flowers and poetry, but for now, I’d like to present to you my yesterday crocheting – thin sprigs of lavender.