There have been a few reviews gathered in my shops lately, and I’d like to share them with you.

Two opinions are from CrochetCabinetCrafts.

The following reviews are from StitchersLand.

One review is from LaceCrochetFinds.

I am very thankful for all my customers who support my small business.

Crochet Poppies Garland

It seems writing on the blog once a week is a bad idea. Visits declined dramatically. My experiment wasn’t successful. So I decided to post news about my shops frequently, maybe not every day but sometimes a week.
I was crocheting hard all last week to complete my longest poppies garland, and I sent it to the USA, KS, on the 1st of December. The bunting is 180 inches or 4,5 metres long. I hope it is delivered to the customer before Christmas. However, shipping in December is a lottery. Cross my fingers!

All about sales

At the beginning of the year, there were a lot of orders in my shops. Sometimes I had 10 -12 opened orders at the same time. I worked hard and was even able to defend Star seller status. Then, the number of orders started to decrease. Customers bought 1 – 2 things a week from me. That was ok. Unfortunately, now I have no purchases at all. I understand that buyers are waiting for a Black Friday sale. Sure, I settled it on November 18. The problem is that I send orders from Europe and can’t guarantee that the USA will get their orders before Christmas. Besides, my Earlyholiday sale is 20%, and the Black Friday sale will be 10%. So visit my shops now, order something you want, and I’ll send it to you in some days.


I wish I had never written this post. Unfortunately, I have to. This week I received another shipment of threads, which I usually order on Allegro or from private companies. I was shocked to find that the yarn I use for crocheting has gone up by 40% compared to January this year. Sadly, I have no option left, only to increase the price of my finished products least by 20%. The discount for regular customers remains the same as before – 10%. I will raise the prices gradually so that the Etsy platform does not suspend my shops, and you have the chance to buy some of my products at the old price for a while. I apologise for such a weekend message, but I have no control over the thread I use for crocheting prices.


Monday is a shipping time. Yesterday I completed two orders – flowers bookmarks set and a black lace choker necklace with satin ribbon. Unfortunately, only the choker left home to New York City. Today I packed both orders carefully and noticed that the customer chose the yellow colour for the bookmarks. Thank God I noticed that at all! I asked the customer what shade of yellow she would prefer, and now I have finished and even packed two bookmarks – lilac and dusty pink. If you like them, you are welcome, and I’ll send them to you tomorrow. As you can see in the photos, the packaging is always different for different products – with flowers for bookmarks and with lace for the choker.

Star Seller

Three shops on Etsy take all my free time. They need a lot of work on SEO, answering your messages, advertising on social media etc. But the result translates into sales. Being a Star seller has its sense because this status helps increase sales. My two shops have Star sellers badges. Unfortunately, the third one – LaceCrochetFinds – isn’t worth it just because of low sales. Do you think it is fair?

Sales Map

My sales map in CrochetCabinetCrafts looks like this. California is in the first place! Thank you, my dear customers, for supporting my small business. Hong Kong is the most exotic country I’ve sent the order to this month. As far, as the customer didn’t receive it yet, I can’t say how long it takes. But there is good news – the tracking number is available on the Poczta Polska site.

Sales Map

Here is my sales map for CrochetCabinetCrafts. As you can see, most of my customers are from the USA. However, this month some new customers appeared from Europe, Switzerland. Thank you all so much for supporting my small business!