Cross Stitching Stash

Everyone knows that embroiderers buy embroidery kits “for later”. They buy them because Dimensions, for example, sometimes stop producing some kits, so they become rarities. In this situation, it’s better to have such a kit in stock than not to have it at all and then look for it on eBay or another platform and overpay three or even more times the price. I do not squirrel stitching kits away for a rainy day. But at the beginning of my embroidery career, I’ve got under the general trend. To convince me that I’m doing the right thing by not buying kits “in stock”, I decided to show my stash here. The first are two Luca-S kits that I haven’t even opened yet. Each kit contains a black-and-white cross stitch chart, a backstitch chart, presorted Anchor thread, 16-count white Aida, and instructions. I don’t plan to embroider these kits just yet.

Quaker Ball Sal

All three elements of the first art of the Quaker Ball Sal are ready. I regretted cross-stitching on evenweave. It was a nightmare to count the squares between one and the other hexagon without mistake. I think I got it right, and here’s the result.

Quaker Ball

My last SAL in progress. I am stitching it on white Belfast linen 32 count with DMC thread by the key. The colours are not usual for Durene Jones, but the butterfly looks beautiful. That is only one part of the first SAL part, and I enjoy it so much. I took these photos yesterday evening in the sunset, before and after doing backstitch. The last picture is from today’s morning.


It’s been a long time since I cross stitch something small from The World of Cross Stitching Free Kits. I love those cute and funny little postcards with the children’s motif. This time I have a request to embroider two personalized Christening handkerchief and two cards for two lovely girls. Of course, I’ll show you all process. So far, the first card is cute Bebunny, in a lovely patchwork card. I change 14-count white Aida to 28-count white evenweave.

The difference in the colours of the cards depends on the time the photos were taken: the first photo was taken yesterday evening, the second one today around noon and its colours are closest to the original.

Quaker Ball Sal

You know, one of my favourite cross stitch designers is Durene Jones. I posted here a lot of my projects made by her design. Of course, I immediately noticed a new SAL in the Facebook group I had never done a Quaker ball before but the most important thing for me was that SAL was created by Durene Jones. So I ordered it as soon as it was possible from the website. I ordered pattern PDF only because I have quite a lot of materials at home – different evenweave pieces (mostly 32 counts) and all DMC threads. Now I’m just waiting for the first part of this SAL and as soon as I stitch it, I’ll show it here.

Leftovers Recycling

Sometimes people ask what I do with my cross stitching thread leftovers. I stitch a lot, so I have them a lot. I don’t have the heart to throw them away, so I use them to decorate my Christmas tree filling the bubbles or stars as you can see in the picture. Generally, I collect them in an empty Yankee Candle jar after I’d used it. Guess, what is my favourite candle fragrance?