New Cross Stitch Pattern in Progress

According to the Chinese Astrology Calendar, 2022 is the Year of Water Tiger. We realised that we didn’t have a single tiger pattern, so our designer immediately got to work. True, our tiger will not be swimming, only lying on the grass. But it will be a Bengal tiger. The beginning of the new patterns is here:

Wreath Sal

What much to comment on here, you can see for yourself – a bright, cheerful, colourful design. It has everything that distinguishes Durene Jones from other designers. You embroider it and smile because it makes you happy. For this project, I use White Iridescent Aida 14 count, DMS thread, and the needle minder from Lakesideneedlecraft. Now I can’t wait when the second part arrives. I took the photos at different times of the day. The first one – in the afternoon, when the sun was shining, the second and third in the morning.