Cross Stitch Supply

The next kit I would like to show you produced in Russia, in the city of Veliky Novgorod by M.P.Studia. The designer is Angelika Ivanova. The kit has no name, but we call it Blue Cats. The kit includes a colour chart, “Gamma” mouline threads (32 colours), 18-count white Aida fabric, and a needle. I started stitching this kit a long time ago, but I didn’t go for the colour pattern (although I prefer coloured charts, this does not suit me). I didn’t enjoy the canvas is too stiff; I wasn’t fond of the threads (I used to DMC), so I often had to rip crosses put, and I decided to put this set for later. I don’t know when that later will come.

Cross Stitching Stuff

One more kit from my stuff I want to present to you today is particularly dear to my heart. It is an embroidery representing one of the regions of Scotland – Fife from the series Britain in Stitches by Susan Ryder, Heritage Stitchcraft. I bought the kit because my daughter was studying at St Andrew’s University and I have been to this charming town several times. I wanted to have a framed part of this beautiful region on my wall. It came with the pattern and instructions, and I bought the plain 27-count Linda Antique White evenweave on the website recommendation. At the time, I had just started cross-stitching, and it was the first time I saw the evenweave. I was just scared of it and put it away for what turned out to be a long time. Now I like to stitch on evenweave, but I guess I needed time to get used to it. I hope this set won’t have to wait long for its turn, but to be honest, my daughter graduated from university, moved to another city, and I keep dreaming of going to St Andrew’s for a holiday one day.

Cross Stitching Stash

Everyone knows that embroiderers buy embroidery kits “for later”. They buy them because Dimensions, for example, sometimes stop producing some kits, so they become rarities. In this situation, it’s better to have such a kit in stock than not to have it at all and then look for it on eBay or another platform and overpay three or even more times the price. I do not squirrel stitching kits away for a rainy day. But at the beginning of my embroidery career, I’ve got under the general trend. To convince me that I’m doing the right thing by not buying kits “in stock”, I decided to show my stash here. The first are two Luca-S kits that I haven’t even opened yet. Each kit contains a black-and-white cross stitch chart, a backstitch chart, presorted Anchor thread, 16-count white Aida, and instructions. I don’t plan to embroider these kits just yet.