Finished Cloudberry Picture

I’ve done it! Complete cross-stitching and framed in a hoop.


Now I can say, that it was an adventure and a challenge for me. Cross stitching wasn’t a big problem, I know the author of the pattern and I was aware of the fact, that Serafima Abramova uses a lot of blends in her projects. That’s ok, but I haven’t back stitched with two threads before. One thread is ok, but two? What is more, it was a light green thread. So when I started back-stitching, I noticed, that it doesn’t look nice for me. And since I’m a perfectionist, I couldn’t leave it like this. After consulting with the author of the pattern and my cross-stitching colleagues from a Facebook group, I tried some different methods and decided to do this backstitch with couching. I did it for the first time and I understood, that I need either stands or the third hand to do it correctly. Can you imagine, what it looked like? But because I’m still very stubborn, I made it.  Everything else was simple. Although I was afraid that the red color might stain the fabric during washing, I almost completely dried out the picture and only then I ironed it carefully and it turned out that ironing the natural linen is much harder than evenweave. I was also a little afraid of sewing white felt to the back of the picture, but everything went well and in the end, I’m satisfied with the result of my work. I hope that the customer will also be satisfied with this cross-stitched picture.

Update on Cloudberry

I spent the weekend stitching Cloudberry. The pattern is rather complicated (as all Serafima Abramova patterns) – a lot of blends, however two-tone of thread gives to stitching perfect shades and natural look. Not only that was a problem (generally I like blends), but backstitch of 2 strands is also tiring, but it emphasizes the volume of embroidery. The result is here: before backstitch and after it. Which one do you prefer?


Recently I got a new order: to cross stitch cloudberry, the pattern of which is in my shop. Which is the most interesting thing – I’ll have to frame this embroidery in a hoop, what I’ve made only once and it was Zodiac sign as a gift for my friend. Stitched cloudberry will be a gift for the customer’s mommy. So there are the first pictures of the stitching. I must say that the colors of this berry are beautiful, bright, autumnal and perfectly match our current weather. It is not difficult for me to imagine how such an embroidery can boost every room in the house during the long and dark winter. I think that the second one cloudberry I’ll cross stitch and frame for myself.

Cloudberry also called salmonberry, yellowberry, or baked apple berry is a plant in the rose family, native to the Arctic and subarctic regions of the north temperate zone. Eskimos and Sami collect the sweet juicy fruits in autumn to freeze for winter food. In northern Scandinavia, cloudberries are sold for use in preserves, tarts, and other confections (from