It’s cold and rainy in Warsaw today, but I was lucky to take sunny photos some days ago because my small garden was in bloom. I cannot grow up a lot of flowers because of two big spruces outside (one of them is blue spruce), so the ground is too acidic though I noticed, that daffodils and tulips feel good under such circumstances. I was surprised by daffodils with two or even three flowers on one stem. I had never seen them before or maybe I just didn’t look closely enough. Anyway, they look great and smell wonderful, so I’m going to plant more of them this fall. By the way, I am also going to plant hydrangeas on my little piece of land in the fall, since I’ve read recently that these majestic flowers are very fond of acidic soil. I’m just not quite sure if they’ll get enough sun, but I think it’s worth a try. However, that will come in the fall and for now, welcome to my spring garden.


I’ve devoted a lot of time to create this beautiful spring flower – the daffodil. It is going to be my new garland, not typical because without leaves, crochet only with flowers. I’ve crocheted only one flower as far and am going to create the new bunting this weekend because we have Monday free of work and celebrate Constitution Day. Unfortunately, the weather forecast says that there will be a cold and rainy weekend, so I plan to spend more time with my crocheting.