My garden

March is the first spring month, even if the first spring flowers are under the snow and the temperature is -1 at night. The first crocuses appeared in my small town garden in February. But I could take some photos only when the sun shined from behind the clouds. These crocuses are two years old. I decided not to dig them last year. Thus, they bloomed the first.

These tiny individual crocuses are only one year old; I planted them last year. I hope there will be more of them the following year. They are a little darker than the previous ones.

Also, my tulips and daffodils are crazy trying to prove that there is the highest time to bloom for them. I tried not to plant one flower on another or too close, but it never succeeded, and my tulips are growing on the crocuses.


I wonder why I didn’t buy myself this bulb flower planter earlier? It took me 15 minutes to plant Daffodils today. There is a perfect day for gardening today – a bit cloudy and warm – +13 C. After lunch, it is supposed to rain according to the weather forecast. All that I need to do in the garden is plant the Tulips. Admittedly, I had Crocuses blooming so nicely last spring that I bought myself some more, and I plant those too in the second part of September. The Sedum, as you can see, continue to bloom, and the Scottish moss is also doing well.


Here are a few more photos from my garden. The Tulips disappointed me this year. Unfortunately, there are only the leaves themselves and only a few flowers. I don’t know what is wrong with them. Maybe I planted them too late or too deep. It is a pity, but there are no more beautiful ones from last year. The Daffodils are beautiful as always. The tiny blue Muscaris appeared. I also have Lilies of the Valley and am waiting while they bloom. Finally, Chaenomeles is blooming gorgeous as well.


Last weekend I spent in my native town – Druskininkai, Lithuania. It is a resort based on natural salt springs and curable mud. Located on the right bank of the river Nemunas in pine woods, Druskininkai is proud of its nature, especially in April, when daffodils and sakura trees bloom around the Druskonis lake in the centre of the town. Thus, some photos from there.


The weather is changeable in Warsaw. There are +2 – +3 Celsius degrees at night. During the day, the sun shines, and the temperature rises to 12+. One day it even rained, so my mini daffodils bloomed. The others are waiting for warmer days. The tulips are in no hurry either. Well – I will wait too.

My Garden

My little garden is white and clean and all covered by snow. Can you see these yellow points? They are my crocuses that are still in bloom. The temperature is on +, but the weather forecast for this night is unforgiving and promises -5. I hope this deep snow saves my crocuses, tulips, and daffodils.


Today the crocuses have bloomed in my home garden. These are the first flowers to bloom this year. I planted them under the spruce trees, which take up most of my garden, and I wasn’t sure whether they would like such an acidified depth. It turned out to be ok. My tulips are also growing beautifully, and at last, the daffodils that I was worried about because they hadn’t shown themselves for a long time are coming out of the ground. Now I have to decide how to create a lawn in this garden.