Christmas Stocking

Christmas gift delivered on time, so I can boast about it. My best and most complicated 2020 year stitching – Dimensions Gold Collection Santa’s Journey Stocking, designed by Peggy Abrams. This was my first Dimensions, I bought the kit on , waited a month before it reached me and stitched it in two months. The kit contains presorted thread, metalic thread, wool yarn , 18 count white Aida, felt, beads, needles (one for stitching and one for beading), and instructions with an alphabet. What is it worth buying an original set for? “What makes a Gold Collection design so special? – An extensive colour palette, stitches (and half stitches) that create texture and depth, and exquisite detail are all hallmarks of the Gold Collection. You create a work of art, and heirloom to enjoy for generations to come.”

Dimensions in Progress

I’ve don all the full crosses and half crosses on my Dimensions Gold Collection kit, so there is the highest time to decorate the stitching with couching, beading, back stitch and french knots. Some parts of couching was done this week and there were any problems with it for me, back stitch never was a problem, I even like it, but french knots… they are my headache, possibly for being a perfectionist. That is the best I could do.


I have a new start! It’s suppose to be a surprise, so I can’t tell you anything about it. Ok, may be some specific information will not reveal a secret : this is Gold Collection Dimensions kit, designed by Peggy Abrams. The kit contains presorted thread, metalic thread (gold kreinik) wool yarn, 18 count white Aida, felt, beads, needles and instructions with an alphabet. I am so excited about it, because it is my first Dimensions ever! What is more, I will have to use some new techniques to create properly effect, such as Cording, for example. So be ready, I am going to post more pictures with my progress on it here.

I’d like to notice, that Dimensions projects often use half cross stitches with 2, 3 and even 4 strands for beautiful shading, in this case, for snow.

There are also a lot of confetti here (cross stitchers understand my pain).

To be continued …