Campanula Bellflower Garland

It’s been a long time since I had an order for a garland of bells. I started making it yesterday and hope to finish today. I took a picture of the process on the background of the Furry tales embroidery by Lucie Heaton pattern. There is one of the pictures that always decorate my workspace.

Finished Stitching

That is how a small piece of cross stitching can become the decoration of an entire painting. The Beagle was cross-stitched by our Slavic horoscope pattern on the hand-dyed canvas. What is more, the size of the dog is perfect. Thank you, Lena, for sharing this incredible stitching with us!

Finished Stitching

The end of the year is full of completed stitching from our customers. Everyone sums up the year and publishes their finished work. That’s what I’m going to use. Today is an example of how you can practically use cross-stitch embroidery. Thank you, Katia, for sharing your gorgeous work with us!

New Review

If I can rate the customers, Robin would get 20 stars from 10. This order was a real adventure for both of us. Send from Poland on 8 November it first comes to a standstill in Warszaw for nine days, then disappears from tracking with status “send from Poland” for three weeks, and only then appears in the USA. I should say that it reached Robin in two days then. All this time we were in contact, I claimed the reclamation on Polish Post and checked the tracking some times a day. And the whole time, she was calm and patient and said that the parcel would come sooner or later. Finally, after a month of waiting, the order was delivered, and I got this review. I never tire of thanking my customers for their patience and understanding. They are the ones who make me want to work even more.

Finished Pictures

Yesterday we had a very misty, typically autumn day. I thought it was too dark to stitch, so I decided to review my finished cross-stitched pictures. And I found two more completed embroideries of mice. One of them I’ll show you today – it’s the first mouse from our author Serafima’s series called Mouse on a Daisy. With this mouse, our friendship with this talented author began. The mouse is stitched with DMC thread on 14 count vintage Aida canvas.


This finished cross-stitch picture goes to the USA, NY, Depew tomorrow morning (because my Post Office is closed on Sundays). This Mouse was stitched by our counted cross stitch pattern “Summer Mouse on a Raspberry”. I had four stitched mouse pictures in Stitchersland on Etsy: summer, autumn, winter, and spring. Winter Mouse is in the USA, VA. Now I have only two completed pictures in the shop. By the way, Autumn Mouse is my favourite. What about yours?

I also add a small gift for a Mouse lover to this order. It is cross-stitched postcard by Lucie Heaton pattern. It is so sweet, isn’t it?