New Pattern

Sometimes you guys ask why there are so few new patterns in our shop this time. The answer, unfortunately, is that our designer Serafima Abramova cannot work as before because she lives in Ukraine, in Dnipro city. It is a well-known fact that Russia attacked Ukraine, and Ukrainians have had to fight for their independence with weapons in their hands. People are dying there every day, not only military but civilians also. In the last few weeks, Dnipro has come under missile attacks by Russian artillery, which is also not conducive to peaceful work. Despite this, Serafima has been able to create a new fish cross stitch chart.

The Black Tetra cross stitch pattern is in Stithersland in the Fish section. 130 x 107 stitches. Finished size is 9,3 x 7,6 inches / 23,6 x 19,41 cm when sewn on 14-count Aida or 28-count Evenweave. Stitches used – whole cross stitch, half cross-stitch, and backstitch.

New Pattern in Progress

Since the war in Ukraine started, our designer Serafima can hardly create new cross stitch patterns because she lives in Dnipro, the city close to Donbas, where fierce battles are taking place now. Despite this, people are trying to live an ordinary life, and the designer has started to draw a new aquarium fish chart. It may take longer, but we are patiently waiting. Good luck!