Cats through Time SAL

At the beginning of this year Kate Worthington organized another Sal, to which I immediately joined. Firstly, for the fact that the author of the pattern is Durene Jones and secondly, I love cats. A pattern of each part comes ones a a month , so I embroidered already 8 parts. Cats are awesome, as cats are used to. There are a few photos of them.





IMG_20180510_070049_795 (7)





Under the Sea

Finally, after a long time, I managed to finish this project. It was one year Sal, arranged by lakesideneedlecraft The author of the pattern is, of course, Durene Jones I have to say that I love her patterns,  because they are fabulously beautiful. The heroes, colours, composition and aesthetics of her patterns create a harmonic picture that not only brings us back to our childhood, but also develops our taste. There is a lot of different sea creatures on it: fish, a shark, funny octopus, stars, even a submarine with a boy and a girl, two jellyfish, beautiful Mermaid, a tortoise, a crab, a crayfish, two seahorses, a manta ray, a squid, a snail and a diver. What is more, you can find an old trunk full of gold and jewelery and a lot of pearls on the seabed. So, I hope you understand, that it was a great pleasure to stitich this gorgeous project.

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DMC threads, Flair Fabric, created especially for this Sal, 32 count.