Clover Garland

A four-leaf clover garland is on its way to Texas now. I crocheted this good luck charms bunting last year, and nobody noticed it on Etsy at all. This year I sold the garland for the second time, and I am happy that my idea was not a waste of time. As St Patrick’s Day is on March 17, there is the highest time to think about buying home decorations from Europe. Irish style lovers are welcome at our shop!

Four-leaf Clovers Bunting

For a long time, people believed that four-leaf clover is a symbol of luck, a powerful natural guardian.

The ancient Celts, for example, gave the four-leaf clover the properties of a reliable defender. They took the guardian with them as they set out on the road. Bundles of dried plants were laid out at home to attract prosperity and deter evil spirits.

For the Druids, the four-leaf clover was a symbol of the universe. Each of its blades was the embodiment of earth, water, air and fire.

The glorious reputation of the plant remains to this day. Tha amulet in the form of a happy leaf can become a reliable helper and protector, no matter what shape you use it in – as a jewellery piece, tattoo or embroidery on your clothes. The main thing is to believe that it will bring you luck. That’s why I decided to make a garland of lucky clovers, just let them bring happiness to your home.