Free Patterns

We have three free cross stitch patterns in StitchersLand. They are Butterflies. If you buy two charts from us, we’ll add one of them to your order and send a “thank you” notice. If you are our loyal customer and buy from us the second time, we’ll send you another butterfly pattern. For the third time, you get the third free chart. Please, drop us a message if you want the particular butterfly pattern. Here they are:

Free Cross Stitch Pattern “Stand with Ukraine”

Марія БровкоCross stitch patterns by Maria Brovko

“For the first time in those seven horrible days, I was able to create something to distract myself from sad thoughts. I started from something small and simple because I still can’t recover and find a resource for creativity. Well, at least so.

I will not tire of thanking cross-stitchers all over the world for your great support to me and my country!” 💙💛

You can download the pattern here:…/1wNK0TWvXVwlpt82bLpK…/view…

Все буде добре! Все буде Україна! 🇺🇦

Вперше за ці сім жахливих днів я змогла щось створити, щоб відволіктися від сумних думок. Почала з маленького та простенького, бо досі не можу оговтатися та знайти у собі ресурс для творчості. Ну хоча б так.

Мої любі українки – я дуже пишаюся всіма вами!

Ви можете завантажити схему тут:…/12f7OPBh_skR…/view…

Free Cross Stitch Patterns

We have several free cross stitch charts in StitchersLand that we send to customers. Firstly for those who buy two or more patterns. Secondly, to our loyal customers who come back to us. And the last occasion is in connection with various holidays. As the main holiday in February is St. Valentine’s Day, we have decided that from tomorrow, 4th February till 14th February we will send as a gift to every person who buys a pattern from us a chart with these funny Birds in love.