Bebunny Postcard

The first stitching for a postcard is ready. I know that a lot of stitchers hate doing backstitch. I don’t understand why. All you need for correct backstitching is to tense the material you are stitching on tight and to count crosses you’ve done. Compare, please, two bunnies: the first one is before backstitching and the second one is after doing it. Backstitching always brings your work up to life!

What I don’t like doing in cross-stitch are French knots. They never come out beautifully. Maybe it’s my problem because I’m a perfectionist.

Dimensions in Progress

I’ve don all the full crosses and half crosses on my Dimensions Gold Collection kit, so there is the highest time to decorate the stitching with couching, beading, back stitch and french knots. Some parts of couching was done this week and there were any problems with it for me, back stitch never was a problem, I even like it, but french knots… they are my headache, possibly for being a perfectionist. That is the best I could do.