Halloween Dachshund

One of my favourite embroidered bookmarks is Halloween Dachshund. Unfortunately, I do not cross-stitch this design more because I can’t find the proper canvas. I don’t know if they stopped producing or importing it, but it doesn’t look good on other materials. I feel sad because I had three editions of this theme – a regular dachshund, a Halloween dachshund and a Christmas dachshund. I enjoyed stitching these dachshunds, and now I can’t embroider any of them.

Finished Stitching

There is a picture of a perfect cross stitch we got from our customer. This pattern often gets positive feedback and five stars from buyers, but this is the first completed stitching. Thank you very much, Susan, for this photo. We hope the friend you cross-stitch this image for – enjoys it as we do.

Christmas Gift

There is a time for sharing Christmas gifts. One of my first is a bookmark. I have a crazy Dachshund Lady friend, who loves reading, so I do not need to think hard about her gift. There is a bookmark I called “Dachshund through the snow” with this dog name on the backside of the bookmark.