Working Place

Recently, sales on Etsy have declined. Everyone explains it by the fact that customers are waiting for Black Friday. For this reason, I have decided to prepare more of my best sellers to send them out as soon as the customers buy them. As you can see in the picture, three new flower buntings are almost ready. There is a completed cross stitch picture, embroidered by Durene Jones pattern in the background. It is named “Let’s drink tea and eat cake”. This picture always stands on my desk and gives me a lot of joy.


Recently I got a new order: to cross stitch cloudberry, the pattern of which is in my shop. Which is the most interesting thing – I’ll have to frame this embroidery in a hoop, what I’ve made only once and it was Zodiac sign as a gift for my friend. Stitched cloudberry will be a gift for the customer’s mommy. So there are the first pictures of the stitching. I must say that the colors of this berry are beautiful, bright, autumnal and perfectly match our current weather. It is not difficult for me to imagine how such an embroidery can boost every room in the house during the long and dark winter. I think that the second one cloudberry I’ll cross stitch and frame for myself.

Cloudberry also called salmonberry, yellowberry, or baked apple berry is a plant in the rose family, native to the Arctic and subarctic regions of the north temperate zone. Eskimos and Sami collect the sweet juicy fruits in autumn to freeze for winter food. In northern Scandinavia, cloudberries are sold for use in preserves, tarts, and other confections (from