In my third LaceCrochetFinds shop, I sell lace collars crocheted in the Victorian lace style. I recently received an order, which I’m going to take a long time to make because it is something new. The order has a story. My potential customer wants me to make her a high neck collar like the one I have in the shop, but she also needs cuffs to go with it. She sent me a photo of the blouse she wants to sew these cuffs on. I was shocked because it is an Irish crochet blouse, and judging by its look and style, it is vintage. I can’t ruin a thing like that. So I changed the crochet hook to a thinner one; trying to crochet something the same style. I’m curious to see what I can do with it. Now my experiment looks like this.

High Neck Collar

This collar is the only high neck collar in our shop. And it is the most popular one. Today I sent it to San Diego, CA, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a customer gets it before Christmas. I am working on a new high neck collar now, but it is a long creative process. For now, I have a new choker; whether I will create a collar based on it – we will see.


Lace collars I pack in ecological boxes and decorate them differently. The collar is attached to the white cardboard with a thread. Then, I put the collar in a box lined with paper, which I only use for collars – it has beautiful peony flowers on it, and then the box itself is decorated, always with lace elements. That’s all. This High Neck Collar was sent today to Neu-Isenburg in Germany. Thank you, Sarah, for your order!


One of the last orders in the shop – a high neck collar, of which I am particularly proud. I created it myself – from beginning to end, not basing on a ready-made pattern. This is a new product, recently placed in the shop. The order flew to America, to the town of Halladay, Utah. This is the first time I have shipped to this state and I am curious how long it will take for the package to reach the customer. Fingers crossed for the customer will be happy with her purchase.

High Neck Collar

This is the first time I have tried to knit a high neck collar. When I looked at these on the internet, I always thought I couldn’t do it, and wouldn’t make it. However, being on holiday in the Baltic Sea last year, it felt like it crocheted itself – that’s what a good holiday means, not only physically but also mentally! So, let’s keep trying and we’ll make it work!