I noticed a new Polish site with Greetings cards once. There were many beautiful cards with floral ornaments and animals there. I also found that there is a possibility to download a card for free, so I did that. After I’d printed the card, it was in A4 format. It is still gorgeous and decorates my working place now. The printing is on the wall next to the desk. Every time I start working on the PC, I see this sweet mouse family.

New Review

Thank you, Jennifer, for the lovely review! We appreciate it very much. This Daffodils garland is one of our favourites too, even though I love all my creatures 🙂 To tell the truth, I don’t crochet something if I do not like it.

Pumpkin Garland

My Thanksgiving Day decor is back in stock. That means that I’ve started pre-order for this bright pumpkin garland. I have a long time to prepare my orders, but it will change in some time because I have only four opened orders now, and I plan to send all of them by the end of the following week.

New Garland

A new garland was crocheted as per my customer’s from the USA wishes. The bunting is composed of daffodils, but this time of white and yellow ones. When buying, you have to choose the number of white and yellow flowers; and this garland will decorate your home, bringing back spring. Thank you, Kimberly, for the idea!