Monday is a shipping time. Yesterday I completed two orders – flowers bookmarks set and a black lace choker necklace with satin ribbon. Unfortunately, only the choker left home to New York City. Today I packed both orders carefully and noticed that the customer chose the yellow colour for the bookmarks. Thank God I noticed that at all! I asked the customer what shade of yellow she would prefer, and now I have finished and even packed two bookmarks – lilac and dusty pink. If you like them, you are welcome, and I’ll send them to you tomorrow. As you can see in the photos, the packaging is always different for different products – with flowers for bookmarks and with lace for the choker.

Star Seller

Three shops on Etsy take all my free time. They need a lot of work on SEO, answering your messages, advertising on social media etc. But the result translates into sales. Being a Star seller has its sense because this status helps increase sales. My two shops have Star sellers badges. Unfortunately, the third one – LaceCrochetFinds – isn’t worth it just because of low sales. Do you think it is fair?

New Review

Can I say that I am proud of myself? There is the first review on the first crochet collar purchased in LaceCrochetFinds 🙂 This feeling that you made someone happy is priceless! Thank you, Lia, for the lovely review! We appreciate it very much.

Crochet Collar

A new collar is ready, but I do not list it in the shop yet because I can’t take photos with the proper colour. Ys, it is the same problematic burgundy colour, which caused three stars review in the shop. It seems that it takes me a lot of time to find the proper place and light to take the right photos.


In my third LaceCrochetFinds shop, I sell lace collars crocheted in the Victorian lace style. I recently received an order, which I’m going to take a long time to make because it is something new. The order has a story. My potential customer wants me to make her a high neck collar like the one I have in the shop, but she also needs cuffs to go with it. She sent me a photo of the blouse she wants to sew these cuffs on. I was shocked because it is an Irish crochet blouse, and judging by its look and style, it is vintage. I can’t ruin a thing like that. So I changed the crochet hook to a thinner one; trying to crochet something the same style. I’m curious to see what I can do with it. Now my experiment looks like this.