Quaker Ball

One more part of Quaker Ball is ready. It is a beautiful bird, which resembles totem birds of the Indians of North America, Alaska or Canada. The difference is that their birds most often have spread wings. This one of mine has lowered wings and round heads, so it looks like an Owl. Here is the link to the article “The History and Significance of Totem Poles”, and in one of the pictures, there is a bird with lowered wings. https://www.akwildlife.org/news/the-history-and-significance-of-totem-poles

Fantasy Sal

As promised, I’d like to present you all completed annual Fantasy Sal. It was my first Sal ever, organized by https://www.lakesideneedlecraft.co.uk/ by Durene Jones Pattern https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/DureneJones

This Sal was the first and on the Lakeside Needlecraft site, there was an amazing atmosphere in this group, everyone was enjoying the success of the others. We were getting a part of this Sal once a month and immediately started guessing what the next part would be. We had so much fun stitching the mystical creatures that were designed by Durene Jones. I think I didn’t finish the job for so long because I didn’t want to forget the atmosphere that we had throughout the year. But I was wrong, it’s impossible to forget it and every time I look at this stitching, I smile and remember those wonderful times.

And now – separate characters by month: January Unicorn, February March Phoenix, April Gnomes, May Dragon, June Elf, July Fairy, August Pegasus, September Wizard, October Witch, November Goblin, and December Winter Fairy.

Finally some more fragments from this Sal:

Summer Cross Stitch Book

I’d like to share with you the joy – yesterday I received my Lakesideneedlecraft Summer Cross Stitch Book 2020 from Kate Worthington, the owner of https://www.lakesideneedlecraft.co.uk/

There are 54 exclusive cross stitch charts from famous worldwide designers in the book. All projects are beautiful. However, I am especially interested in blackwork designs, that I haven’t tried before.

What is more, I received two new lovely needle minders with the book. I always order needle holders from Lakeside Needlecraft, and now I have two cats, a dog, a bird, and an apple in natural wooden colours.