East Asian Inspirations Sal

The 12th part of this Sal is completed, now only boarder left ūüôā Two pictures to your attention: first one without back stitch and the second one with back stitch and Frebch knots. I know, they are not ideal, but they are.

Woodland Sal

Not so long ago I started one more Sal, although I promised myself that I would not start any new work until I had finished all the work I had started. But how could I help myself when Kate Worthington announced she was organizing a new Woodland Sal by  Durene Jones pattern? And so, I can show you two parts of this Sal anyway: an Owl and a Rare.


The thread I used is DMC as always but the fabric was speciaŇā created for this Sal.¬† I use evenweave 32 count.

East Asian Inspirations Sal

Update on this beautiful Sal by Lucie¬†Heaton¬†pattern. Now I’ve got seven parts made, today I started on the 8th. In the previous, 7 part, we stitched a beautiful sea wave according to the famous Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter, and printmaker of the Edo period Katsushika Hokusai. The artist¬†is best known as the author of the woodblock print series Thirty-six Views of Mount¬†Fuji which¬†includes the internationally iconic print,¬†The Great Wave off Kanagawa Lucie’s interpretation looks like this:


And the whole picture now looks like this:


Today I’ve started part 8th, so wait for more information ūüôā

East Asian Inspirations Sal

Some time ago¬†Kate Worthington¬†announced new SAL by¬†Lucie Heaton¬†pattern and I sign in for it, because I really like Lucie’s projects. I cross stitched a lot of her mice, but this new project was a surprise. It was created in beautiful shades of blue color and consists of 12 parts, so the project will keep me happy for a long time.

I use Murano 32 count evenweave, pearl colour for this project and DMC thread, as always. I always buy evenweave at my favourite Internet shop¬†HobbyStudio from ElblńÖg city, this store has never let mi down before.

I get the pattern on the 1st of each month, keep up to date, the next part of the Sal is coming soon.

3 D Cottage SAL

Today I’ve started a new project 3D Cottage SAL by¬†Durene Jones¬†pattern, I bougt on¬†lakesideneedlecraft¬†site.¬† The house is crocheting on a plastic canvas, which I had at home, threads as always DMC. So far only one photo from the very beginning, soon I will show the first part – cottage front. Durene Jones is one of my favourite designer, so I expecting a lot of fun and joy stitching this house.¬† This is the first 3 D project and I hope not the last one.