New Pattern

Because some embroiderers complain about the backgrounds in the patterns, we decided to create the charts without background so that you have more choice. This way, we have four hydrangea patterns in the shop: Blue, Pink, and Pink Miss Saori with and without backdrops. I am curious which one you like best.

Pink Hydrangea Cross Stitch Pattern

One of the most popular cross stitch patterns at StitchersLand is Blue Hydrangea. We decided to create a Pink Hydrangea chart to see why the first one was so popular  – because it is Hydrangea or because of its blue colour? I’ll inform you when I know the answer 🙂 This magnificent Pink flower is called Miss Saori Hydrangea. It even was named as Plant of the Year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show at 2014. By the way, which one do you prefer – Blue or Pink?