Best Mum Framed Cross Stitched Picture

Today I’m proud to present you my new design – Best Mum with Marigold finished and framed in a hoop picture, that can be used instead of a greeting card. Such work can be a wall hanging decoration or be placed on the desk in the office and it will constantly remind of children’s love. Bright and gentle at the same time it will decorate any interior. It’s hard for me to decide whether I like it more – postcards with this design or a framed picture like this. And what do you think about it?

The Marigold pattern was created by Debra Page, you can find it in Cross Stitch Favourites Spring 2015 magazine. I’d like to add, that all my flowers postcards are created by Debora’s design “Seasonal Flowers” and I’m going to stitch them all. So far I’ve done only Marigold, Daffodils, Carnation, Lilly of Valley and Rose, so 7 more have to be done and I’d like to say that I’m not tired of them yet and I don’t feel it’s time to put them off. To sum it up, I can cross-stitch them day and night, so perfect their design is.

Pullman Orient Express Rose

We have a new counted cross stitch pattern at the shop, dedicated to rose lovers and this is a beautiful Pullman Orient Express¬†Rose – a¬†large-flowered rose with incredibly wonderful flowers. Their yellow-pink colour and very large size make them eye-catching from afar. This rose’s charm is complemented by a fruity, sweet fragrance and beautiful, thick, dark green, glossy leaves.


So if you like roses, just visit our shop and enjoy each xx