My Working Place

I don’t like to write on the Internet about myself. However, since I have more and more subscribers, I think it’s time to introduce myself. I was born in Lithuania, in a small resort town called Druskininkai, but I have been living in another country, Poland, in its capital Warsaw, for 15 years now, and I must say that I have fallen in love with this country and its people with all my heart. I feel at home here. I deal in very different things. Firstly, I teach Russian and Lithuanian to adults (those are my two native languages), secondly, I am a translator, and finally, my hobby is my life. I am a crocheter, knitter, and cross-stitcher. What is more, I have a lot of ideas about needlework, I will not list them all, as they are constantly changing and I have no enough time to realize them all.

My workplace looks like this. A small handy table, hooks, thread, daisies for the garland at work, my favourite simple scissors that I bought a few years ago in Edinburgh and lots of other necessary items for needlework. There is also my cross-stitched picture “Let’s eat cake and Let’s drink tea” by Duren Jones pattern on the table, and my favourite postcards that I received as gifts or brought myself from far away trips. For example, my daughter sent me the Shakespearian mouse from Stratford-upon-Avon, the whale from Canada and the sheep from Edinburgh; the Van Gogh I brought from London when I visited the National Gallery; the Summer of Alphonse Mucha from Prague, where I’ve been several times. I still have a lot of postcards in stock, so sometimes I change them depending on my mood.

My working place

It is very important for me that the place where I’m creating new projects should be cosy. That’s why there are a lot of flowers in my working room.

And in some pictures, you can see two tiny trees, grown from an avocado seed. If I manage to grow avocado fruit, I will show them here.