New Review

Here is a valuable review of our Red Dachshund cross stitch pattern because it contains specific advice for improving our shop. I wrote earlier that we do such thread usage PDF to each pattern and already have some listings with such an addition, but it is a very laborious effort. However, we’re trying, and we’re working on it!

Dog in Stitching

Some times ago, I wrote that there are two dog cross stitch patterns in StitchersLand. Today I got the message that we have more different dogs’ cross stitch charts. The most popular among our customers is the Red Dachshund pattern. Anyway, they all are here.

Finished Stitching

There is a picture of a perfect cross stitch we got from our customer. This pattern often gets positive feedback and five stars from buyers, but this is the first completed stitching. Thank you very much, Susan, for this photo. We hope the friend you cross-stitch this image for – enjoys it as we do.


I am glad to show you one more review of our digital product – the Red Dachshund cross stitch pattern. Thank you, Suzanne, for these kind words; we appreciate the review very much. It is said in my country that there are dogs and there are dachshunds. It seems that a dachshund is not a dog at all but a state of mind. Dachshund owners, do you agree with this?