Last weekend I spent in my native town – Druskininkai, Lithuania. It is a resort based on natural salt springs and curable mud. Located on the right bank of the river Nemunas in pine woods, Druskininkai is proud of its nature, especially in April, when daffodils and sakura trees bloom around the Druskonis lake in the centre of the town. Thus, some photos from there.


Today the crocuses have bloomed in my home garden. These are the first flowers to bloom this year. I planted them under the spruce trees, which take up most of my garden, and I wasn’t sure whether they would like such an acidified depth. It turned out to be ok. My tulips are also growing beautifully, and at last, the daffodils that I was worried about because they hadn’t shown themselves for a long time are coming out of the ground. Now I have to decide how to create a lawn in this garden.