I am proud of my shop member, who makes all these beautiful cross stitch patterns. She is a very talented and modest person who does not like to talk about herself. We became such friends that I decided to try selling her patterns, and from this, our shop Stitchersland was born. The main person in this shop is the designer Serafima Abramova; I only act as the person who runs the shop (answers customer emails, places items in the shop, pays taxes etc.). As you can see, the cooperation is fruitful. Confirmation of this is three reviews, which we got yesterday from a dear customer. I will not tell you long – read it yourself!


Stitchers do not very often leave reviews on the cross stitch pattern they buy from us. It’s normal. Digital items are specific. That’s why we are very excited to get a review on a chart customer leaves at the shop some days after she had bought it. Such review (5 stars in this case) means that the pattern is big enough and is very clear to follow it. That is what we strive for when creating our charts. Thank you, Helen, so much for these stars.


I am proud of our small Etsy shop StitchersLand, we have 200 sales now. Congratulations to my shop partner and patterns designer Serafima Abramova! You are the best designer and we are the best team! It’s time to celebrate!