Here are a few more photos from my garden. The Tulips disappointed me this year. Unfortunately, there are only the leaves themselves and only a few flowers. I don’t know what is wrong with them. Maybe I planted them too late or too deep. It is a pity, but there are no more beautiful ones from last year. The Daffodils are beautiful as always. The tiny blue Muscaris appeared. I also have Lilies of the Valley and am waiting while they bloom. Finally, Chaenomeles is blooming gorgeous as well.

New Pattern

Today we are starting to place a new floral series of tulips in our shop. There will be eight in total. The first one is a yellow tulip, and yellow is the colour of the sun. May only the sun shines over the whole world! We wish a Happy Easter to our Ukrainian friends! (As always, there’s a 10% discount on the new scheme in our shop.)