My garden

March is the first spring month, even if the first spring flowers are under the snow and the temperature is -1 at night. The first crocuses appeared in my small town garden in February. But I could take some photos only when the sun shined from behind the clouds. These crocuses are two years old. I decided not to dig them last year. Thus, they bloomed the first.

These tiny individual crocuses are only one year old; I planted them last year. I hope there will be more of them the following year. They are a little darker than the previous ones.

Also, my tulips and daffodils are crazy trying to prove that there is the highest time to bloom for them. I tried not to plant one flower on another or too close, but it never succeeded, and my tulips are growing on the crocuses.


The weather is changeable in Warsaw. There are +2 – +3 Celsius degrees at night. During the day, the sun shines, and the temperature rises to 12+. One day it even rained, so my mini daffodils bloomed. The others are waiting for warmer days. The tulips are in no hurry either. Well – I will wait too.

My Garden

My little garden is white and clean and all covered by snow. Can you see these yellow points? They are my crocuses that are still in bloom. The temperature is on +, but the weather forecast for this night is unforgiving and promises -5. I hope this deep snow saves my crocuses, tulips, and daffodils.


Well, it is Sunday and there is +17°C and sunny outside. The weather forecast did not disappoint this time. I had to cut down my biggest tulips because of the windy weather some days ago, so take a look, how beautiful they are. I hope my shop designer will create a cross stitch pattern for them.


Some years ago I worked as a teacher at the after-school centre, where there were different classes for children from the area. The classes were very different: teaching foreign languages, drawing, sculpting, ceramics, and similar plastic classes. There was one teacher at the centre who was particularly beloved by the children for her patience, desire to see talent in each child and ability to develop that talent. She painted gorgeous pictures and I received tulips as a gift from her similar to the ones that grew and bloomed this year in my small garden. That’s how this lovely picture turned out.


It’s cold and rainy in Warsaw today, but I was lucky to take sunny photos some days ago because my small garden was in bloom. I cannot grow up a lot of flowers because of two big spruces outside (one of them is blue spruce), so the ground is too acidic though I noticed, that daffodils and tulips feel good under such circumstances. I was surprised by daffodils with two or even three flowers on one stem. I had never seen them before or maybe I just didn’t look closely enough. Anyway, they look great and smell wonderful, so I’m going to plant more of them this fall. By the way, I am also going to plant hydrangeas on my little piece of land in the fall, since I’ve read recently that these majestic flowers are very fond of acidic soil. I’m just not quite sure if they’ll get enough sun, but I think it’s worth a try. However, that will come in the fall and for now, welcome to my spring garden.

Garden Sal

Garden Sal by Durene Jones freebie pattern is ready now. I enjoyed every stitch as always, stitching Durene’s project. There is a birdhouse, a lot of birds and butterflies here. What is more, a bee, a hive and lots of flowers, hare and hedgehog, a garden gnome and mushroom…and a lot of sweet details. I used DMC thread by Durene’s key and Murano beige evenweave 32 count.