New Garland

A new garland was crocheted as per my customer’s from the USA wishes. The bunting is composed of daffodils, but this time of white and yellow ones. When buying, you have to choose the number of white and yellow flowers; and this garland will decorate your home, bringing back spring. Thank you, Kimberly, for the idea!

New Garland in Progress

My customers often inspire me to create new things. Like this time, a customer from the USA asked me if I could crochet daffodils bunting with leaves. Why not? Some trials, and here it is. Nine yellow Daffodils with eight double lengthened leaves is what I am working on now.

New Review

I can’t understand what it depends on, though Poczta Polska sometimes makes miracles: the registered letter to France was delivered in six days, and my customer could enjoy the yellow Daffodils garland even before Christmas. It was an unpredictable and pleasant surprise! Thank you, Pauline, for your review; we appreciate it very much!

Finished Stitching

The end of the year is full of completed stitching from our customers. Everyone sums up the year and publishes their finished work. That’s what I’m going to use. Today is an example of how you can practically use cross-stitch embroidery. Thank you, Katia, for sharing your gorgeous work with us!